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Taxi Service Verona

Car hire with driver services

NCC Verona is a company specialized in the Car hire with Driver sector with over 10 years of experience, we operate mainly in Northern Italy by actively collaborating with other companies in the sector.
We operate with Mercedes representative cars and we also offer services with minivans for the transport of up to 8 passengers, these are Mercedes too.
The car rental with driver services that we offer distinguish us for punctuality and professionalism with which they are carried out. We are always present even for the small details that make the difference, ready to solve any inconvenience.
We know how to meet all organizational needs as we have a deep knowledge of tourist-hotel facilities and consolidated relationships with major tour operators, organizers and coordinators of congress events.

NCC Verona città

Mainly the rental with driver services that NCC Verona offers are:

We also carry out transfer services for congresses, sporting events, shows, concerts, dolomites and much more...

Call +39 345 8173600

Active 24 hours a day

Interior Mercedes  E Class